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“The Intermodal Hardware Specialists”


               All Intermodal Hardware sold by Buffers USA Inc., such as the parts shown below, are sold
               with a one-year warranty from date of receipt against defects in materials or workmanship,
               or failing function not caused by normal wear and tear. These products include:


                 • Twistlocks & Pinlocks for Chassis & Trailers (all models)
                 • Chassis & Trailer parts for Landing Legs, Pinlocks, Twistlocks, etc.

                 • Container Corner Castings (all models)

                 • Lashing material for ships, regardless of brand name

                 • Marine Twistlocks (both Manual & Semi-Automatic)

                 • Web Ratchet Assemblies (all sizes & models)
                 • Chain Lashing, including Binders & all hardware

                 • Castings & Forgings for Rail Cars

                 • Lug Nut Security Seals (models 1326 & 2988)

               In case of a warranty claim, Buffers USA Inc. will replace or repair the product in question
               provided it is sent prepaid to our Jacksonville, FL address, unless other arrangements are
               agreed. After repair or replacement, the product will be delivered free of charge to the
               customer’s address. The product warranty only covers the product sold and its value, and
               does not include responsibility for consequential damages or other potential costs resulting
               from a warranty claim other than return freight.

               PLEASE NOTE: Always contact our office to inform us of a potential warranty claim before
               anything is shipped to us. Thank you.

               904.696.0010 •
               10180 New Berlin Road • Jacksonville, Florida 32226

               WAREHOUSES:  Jacksonville  •  Houston  •  Indianapolis  •  Los Angeles                 Rev. 2024-03
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