Buffers USA: AAR-Tested & Certified Manual IBC for Double-Stacked Well Cars on Rail
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AAR-Test & Certified* IBC for Double-Stacked Well Cars
*Buffers USA was granted an Unconditional AAR Approval of our IBC model 6961 per AAR Specification M-998 after passing AAR’s impact tests in Pueblo, CO in Dec. 2012, as well as Static Tests and AAR’s Service Performance test.
Buffers’ manual IBC design incorporates an extended, side-operated handle for easier locking and unlocking of the top container on a double-stacked rail car, eliminating major worker safety concerns of well car falls. Six static load tests to simulate real-world conditions are required by AAR M-998-2008. Specifically, the kinds of longitudinal, lateral & vertical forces placed on the IBC while securing containers on a double-stacked rail car.
Rail cargo workers no longer need to navigate the very narrow ledge along the side of a well car. From the ground, they can use a pole to push/pull the extended handle to lock and unlock the IBCs. Buffers’ manual IBC successfully passed all the static tests required by AAR Specification M-998-2008 for an 80,000-pound Gross Container Weight (GCW)-rated IBC.
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Impact testing: Container car w/ special frame to simulate a double-stacked rail car load was fitted w/ Buffers IBCs & subjected to impacts at different speeds. Trackside computer monitoring confirmed that the required AAR specification for a min. 1.25 million lbs. of coupler force was achieved. Post-impact inspections verified the IBCs retained operational & structural integrity. YT video: Manual IBC w/ Side Handle: AAR Impact Test (4:33) YT video: Fabrication Overview (3:25) YT video: Parts Inventory Overview YT video: Quality Manufacturing Overview PDF: 2018 Lashing Gear/Marine Hardware Catalog (31.4 MB) PDF: 2018 Container Hardware Catalog (32 MB)
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